June 27, 2013

To: WVDEP – DWWM                                        Moundsville Stormwater Utility Board

MS4 Stormwater Program                                     819 Lafayette Ave., P.O. Box 480

Attention: Sherry Wilkins                                      Moundsville, WV 26041

RE: MS4 Annual Report                                       Permit #: WVR030013

MS4 General Permit WV0116025

City of Moundsville Stormwater Utility Board

Permit Registration # WVR030013

Dear Ms. Wilkins,

   Please accept this as the City of Moundsville Stormwater Utility Board annual report for 2012-2013. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me at 304-845-4360 Monday through Friday from 7:30 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. or by e-mail at lrbonar@moundsvillewwtp.com.


Larry R. Bonar


Moundsville Stormwater Utility Board

1). Public Education and Outreach:

The Moundsville Stormwater Utility Board has continue to be active in this minimum control and plans to continue the current BMPs and develop new practices to address this minimum control.

The City of Moundsville continues to be sponsors / contributors to the Ohio Valley River Sweep and the Marshall County Solid Waste Clean Up. These are annual events and they reach or impact a large number of area residents and provides education and direct involvement opportunities for the citizens.

All Stormwater utility meetings are advertised in the Moundsville Daily Echo and the Wheeling News Register. The meeting notices along with the agenda are posted at the City Building, Water Department where the bills are paid and at the Moundsville Wastewater Treatment Plant. All meeting notices and agendas are advertised or posted at a minimum of three (3) business days before the meeting. There is language in the notice which specifically invites the public to attend. Copies of the notices and agendas are kept on file.

Conducted an informational session with John Marshall High School Earth Science Class (September 18, 2012). There were a total of 73 students present during the two (2) sessions. Power Point presentation includes information on Stormwater pollution and watersheds. A handout was developed which explains watersheds, source of pollution, and several facts about our local watershed. Attendance sheets are on file.  The Teacher is very cooperative and continues to invite us back every year, we plan to continue this and possibly expand the sessions in the local Middle School.

Still developing monthly articles for the local paper. Articles will cover issues such as dog waste, fertilizer use, watersheds, general information concerning Stormwater and other issues which can affect the local waterways.

Developed an informational news letter for the general public explaining the need for a Stormwater department, billing and future projects. Copies were available at the City Building, and Water Office where people paid their bill. There were 105 flyers picked up.

Continued to meet with local business people in town concerning the up coming separation projects that the city has planned for this year. Attend the monthly meetings of the Up Town Merchants/Historic Central Business District Revitalization Group to keep them updated on the future projects and to answer any questions they may have.

Continue to meet with City Council members and the City Manager to keep them informed of the projects and actions of the Utility Board. Plan to create and present a power point presentation on the Stormwater program and present it during a Council meeting.

The Stormwater Utility Board participated in the 2013 Chamber of Commerce Home and Business Expo held in Moundsville. The booth had personnel from the utility to answer questions and to hand out informational pamphlets to the general public. Purchased a rain barrel and had people complete tickets (222 tickets gave out to Expo participants), drew ticket and gave the rain barrel away. This is the second year that we gave a rain barrel away. This was well received; several Expo attendants were interested in discussing the use of rain barrels. Developed information on amount of rain that runs off of the Moundsville area during a 1 inch rain and compared number of football fields that the run off would fill up 6 feet deep (attempted to relate amount of runoff to something that a regular citizen would understand). Also had additional flyers with rain barrel facts and information. By giving a way a free chance to win a rain barrel it led to increase interaction with the public at our booth. The rain barrel was delivered to a citizen of Moundsville. Subjects covered includes Stormwater do’s and don’ts, Stormwater issues, proper disposal of prescription drugs, used motor oil and CSO issues. Distributed 746 pamphlets to the attending public.  Total of eleven different informational pamphlets were available. After the Storm, How to Properly Dispose of Unwanted Medications, WV Consumer Drug Return Partners, Protecting Water Quality, Non Point Source Pollution, Enviro Facts Urban Runoff, Stormwater Pollution Controls, Protecting Water Quality From Urban Runoff, Rain Barrel Facts, Rx Return Flyer sponsored by the Moundsville Police Department and Controlling Combined Sewer Overflows. According to the Chamber of Commerce who sponsored the event over 4000 people attended the two day event. This activity appears to be a good way of reaching a large number of citizens not only in our coverage area but citizens which contributes to the local watershed. The utility plans to continue having a booth at the 2014 Expo and may attend other local festivals and events.

Reviewed web site, plan on improving site and adding additional information such as Stormwater Ordinances, up coming and current projects and other items which may interest the public.

Involved in developing the City of Moundsville Comprehensive Plan. Developed Stormwater future plans and goals to be included in the Cities final Comprehensive Plan. Worked with several citizens, business people, City officials and others in developing the Plan. Will continue to work with City officials until plan has been developed and approved.

Board’s representatives attended Hillview Run Watershed Association and Little Grave Creek Watershed Association  meetings to discuss Stormwater issues concerning them and the City. Will continue meeting with group when possible.

Purchased 8 Dog Waste Stations (dispenser, bags, sign and waste can) worked with the Marshall County Animal Rescue League. Stormwater Dept. installed stations in 4 parks that is owned by the City and used by a large number of people who live in Moundsville and surrounding areas. The parks are:  Riverside Park, East End Recreational Facility, 12th Street Ball Fields and Walking Trail and the Walking Trail between Moundsville and Glen Dale. Had additional signs made with contact number and sponsor names and installed with stations. Moundsville Recreational Department is to maintain the stations. Had a picture and a small article about dog waste published in the Wheeling News Register Journal.

     We plan to continue working and updating our web site, develop a poster concerning Stormwater, our local watershed and post it at public meeting places such as the local Library, Court House, grocery stores and other businesses where the public may attend. We will review other Stormwater Utilities to see what type of outreach they conduct and which ones are most effective.    

    The Moundsville Utility Board plans on continuing the above mentioned BMPs to reach as many people in our area as possible and to provide information that will inform and change people’s habits and choices that directly affect our water quality in our watershed. We will review our efforts to see how effective they are and will document any actions that we take. All BMPs will be documented and kept on file.

2). Public Participation and Involvement:

We feel that this closely follows the Public Education and Outreach minimum control and were partially addressed in that section.

The City of Moundsville sponsors or contributes to the annual Ohio Valley River Sweep and the Marshall County Solid Waste Clean Up. Large number of people attend or effective by these two activities. We plan to continue this activity.

All meetings are advertised and the public is encouraged to attend and ask questions.

Continue to have a booth at the Marshall County Home and Business Expo. This allows us to interact and answer questions from a large number of local people. Will develop new information and activities for the public to get involved in at the Expo.  

Continue to give presentations to the local high school classes and expand the presentation to include the local middle school as well. Interact with students and give them a chance to ask questions and get involved in their local watershed.

    We are currently working on a presentation to have the local Boy Scout troop participate in stream clean up and catch basin marking. We will develop and present the program to the Troop leaders for approval. We are also considering asking the Leo Club if they would be interested in doing the two projects. The Leo club is a Middle School organization. We plan to do these activities this fall and next spring.

  Again we will review and add items to this minimum control as the year progress. We will seek ideas from other Stormwater Communities and adjust our program as needed. We will record and keep on file any activities and adjustments that we make.

3). Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination: The Moundsville Stormwater Board and the Moundsville Sanitary Board continues to work on detecting and correcting illicit discharges in the collection system that serves the City of Moundsville and areas outside the City limits which it serves. The Boards recognizes that this is a common problem of older systems and plan to continuing working on correcting any problems found.

Continue working on a stormsewer map. We have located outlets that are associated with our system and will collect GPS data and pictures to identify these outlets. We are currently collecting GPS points, type of catch basin, size and type of pipe, manholes, ditches and condition of the Stormwater structures. We have been working with Burgess & Niple Engineering on three separation projects and the initial phase of the design was mapping of the downtown business area, another large commercial area and a large residential area. We will use the maps that were developed in these areas and will work it into our new Stormwater map. We will complete collecting data by the end of 2013, early 2014 and use that data to create a paper map. We have contacted Stegman and Schellhase Engineering of Wheeling WV and they will convert the data collected into a map.

Established a Stormsewer ordinance and passed by Council to prohibit illicit discharges to storm system. Continue to add and change ordinances as needed. These new ordinances along with existing ordinances for service connections and right of entry should provide the tools that the Board needs to conduct illicit discharges and correct any problems.

Maintain and continue use of equipment used for detection and verification of illicit discharge. Currently we have a camera trailer with a newly purchased Cues Tractor camera, (purchased a steerable chassis to use in large storm sewers) Cues push camera. We are maintaining our smoke machine, locator, dye tablets and other items needed. We maintain records of use of cameras. Will maintain record of findings and corrections needed and made.

Started our separation project known as the Washington Ave. Separation Project. Smoke tested and dyed tested a 5 block area of town (residential/light commercial area), also used our tractor camera where needed. As to date we have installed two new manholes, ran approximately 300 feet of six inch sanitary line. We have removed the sanitary from a commercial building, 6 houses and an 8 inch sanitary line from the storm sewers in that area. We will complete the project this summer.

We currently have started another phase of this separation project which will remove approximately 5 to 6 houses from a storm sewer.

The three separation projects are completed except for the punch list.  Project #1 is the Downtown Business District, eighteen (18) cross connections were found and corrected along with repairs to the stormsewer system. Project #2 is the NIJ Project and will remove a combination sewer making a dedicated stormsewer system and a dedicated sanitary sewer system to service the commercial area. This was the old WV prison and this will allow a large amount of runoff to be directed into the stormsewer system as well as correcting any cross connections that may have been present. Project #3 again will remove a combination sewer, a new sanitary sewer will be installed and this will allow the current sewer pipe to be used as a stormsewer only. This serves a large residential area in town. Again all cross connections were removed and this area has two separate sewer systems.

Currently have Burgess and Niple Engineering from Parkersburg, WV designing a storm outlet project which will serve the new storm sewers mentioned with the three separation projects. Work should be conducted in the fall of 2013.

Will conduct smoke testing and dye testing in a seven (7) block area of Potomac and Jackson Street to determine any cross connections. Will do a design, draw up plans and make corrections as needed.

Smoke tested a separate section of Washington Ave. other than the project mentioned above; found a small apartment building with 4 apartments. Have looked at corrective measures, contacted owner and installed a new sanitary sewer for proper connection. The owner of the building connected into the new sanitary line, leaving the Stormwater remaining in the Stormwater line.

Will continue to look for possible illicit connections through out town and make corrections as needed. Will use customer complaints, comments and knowledge of our system to determine where to look.

Plan on installing signs at stormsewer outfalls with contact information for the public to call. Will conduct public education on outfall signs.

Conduct dry weather inspections of outfalls and record findings and actions to correct problems.

Will advertise and educate the public on response/hotline to call in concerns.

We will be conducting another smoke testing project. Will smoke test Maxwell Acres Sub Division and look for cross connections. There are approximately 200 houses in that location.

Will follow SWMP and track results and make changes as needed.

Continue to train employees on Illicit Discharge recognition, proper disposal of waste and good housekeeping.

4). Construction Site Runoff Control: The Stormwater Department will continue to develop this part of the program as needed. We currently are working close with the Building Inspection Department on this minimum control. They are the first department that contact would be made for any new or revitalization of any property in our coverage area. This is new to the City of Moundsville so it will take a while to have City Council, business leaders, engineers and contractors on board. Will work towards full implementation of program.

Enforce current ordinances that are in place now to handle runoff and develop new ordinances as needed. Obtain copies of other MS4 communities runoff ordinances and laws and if needed tailor them to fit our needs and requirements.

Completed one site plan reviews (Sleep in Hotel), One pre-construction meeting and two inspections on project in our coverage area in 2012-2013. This project was the only qualifying projects to be conducted in 2012-2013. Covered erosion control, good housekeeping.  Will continue inspections and reviews as needed and document meetings, actions, etc. on private and public sector construction site projects which pertains to run-off.

Continue to develop the process of this Min. Control. Develop a brochure with requirements to be given to a company when they make initial contact with the City for possible development. Continue to work with the Building Inspection Department to better coordinate our efforts. Continue to improve our inspection process and documentation.

Contacted Beckley Sanitary Board and obtain their program, review ordinances and programs on Construction Site Run-off Control and will adjust them to the City of Moundsville needs.

Will educate the public, engineers, contractors and our employees on this minimum control and advertise a hotline for residents to call.

Will continue annual review of the over all construction site run-off control and adjust program as needed.

5). Controlling Run-off from New Development and Redevelopment: Again this requirement is relatively new to the City of Moundsville as it is to larger Cities in West Virginia. We will continue to develop this program, pass ordinances and implement program in the near future. We plan to:

Worked with Architect and Engineer that designed the Main Street Bank plans and they designed a plan that will catch most of the run off from the lot. The lot was under the 1 acre threshold but the Design firm and the Owners were receptive in attempting to control run off from the property.

To add the six watershed protection elements to our subdivision ordinance.

Develop packet for engineers, architects and contractors. The packet will include the six watershed requirements, project review and inspection procedures for projects, site standards for the first 1 inch capture of rain from sites and enforcement.

Develop ordinances for handling Hotspots in coverage area.

Develop square footage charge for commercial/ industrial customers.

Develop a mitigation or payment in lieu program. Will wait for the WVDEP to develop standard criteria and guidance material on the subject.

Develop an ordinance for maintenance agreements for local sites.

Develop an inspection program for these sites and Stormwater control structures.

Educate the public and construction industry on this minimum control.

6). Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping for Municipal Operations: We continue to work on this part of the program. We are continuing our current BMPs and are looking for new and helpful ones which will aid us in meeting this Minimum Control.

Continue to inspect vehicles for oil, grease, fuel and fluids leaks. Work with other departments to insure they are doing inspections.

Continue street sweeping program. The public Works department is responsible for this. Sweeper is ran daily if weather permitting. From July 2012 to June 1, 2013 there was 1203 Cubic yards of debris/solids picked up by the sweeper. This is for an eleven month period; Junes report is not completed as of this date.

Catch basins manholes and other stromwater structures are being cleaned and maintained as needed. There were 17 catch basins rebuilt, Catch basins tops are cleaned on a regular basis and before and after a rain event. Cleaned approximately 2,700 ft. of stormsewers cleaned and 2,900 ft. open channels cleaned.

The city is continuing to provide trash containers at city parks and along the business districts and empty the containers as needed.

Will continue the fall leaf pickup.

Continue to train employees in Stormwater pollution prevention and safety. Conducted training for city employees on Storm water Pollution Controls, MS4 Raincheck and Illicit Discharge and Elimination, These programs were purchased through Excal Visual and were professionally done, Stormwater Department purchased training kit (video, book, etc.) to train City Employees. Also had additional safety training developed and presented by Earl Shaw, the City of Moundsville safety Director and Trainer. These were summer safety, trenching and shoring, Safe Start, material safety Data Sheets, Winter Driving and check list, hand Tool Safety, Stormwater Pollution Prevention and other topics which are relevant to employee’s safety. Other training topics for the employees were Flagger Training and barricade class taught by WV Rural Water, Use of gas meter Monitor for manholes and confined spaces, taught by a MSA Company Rep., Excavation Safety, Competent Person Training taught by Trench Shoring Services of Pittsburgh, Water Words That Work class presented by the WVDEP, Project Wet Stormwater Educator Workshop presented by the WVDEP, WV Collection Systems license from WV Environmental Training Center, other classes at AWWA/WEF Annual Conference and WV Rural Water Annual Conference. Will continue to develop and provide training for employees. The Boards from both departments encourage attendance at outside training and pays for expenses of the employees incurred during training.

The Stromwater Department completed the Sycamore Ave. Flood and Erosion Control project. Worked with Marshall County Commission and Williams Energy on project. Water came from outside the City Limits and Williams Energy contributed financially towards project. Project included installing two new wing walls for culverts, installed entrance grating to catch debris and to secure underground conveyance system, approximately replaced 75 feet of 48 inch culvert pipe, clean up area from brush and debris, and did approximately 150 ft. of creek banks with Flex-a mat for erosion control. Installed construction sign at site for public information.

Continue to work with the Public Works Department to build a wash bay for their garbage trucks. Will connect them with the sanitary sewer once wash station is built.

Continue to work with other departments on their pollution prevention plan.

Purchased 8 Dog Waste Stations (dispenser, bags, sign and waste can) worked with the Marshall County Animal Rescue League and Moundsville Recreation Department. Stormwater Dept. installed stations in 4 parks that is owned by the City and used by a large number of people who live in Moundsville and surrounding areas. The parks are:  Riverside Park, East End Recreational Facility, 12th Street Ball Fields and Walking Trail and the Walking Trail between Moundsville and Glen Dale. Had additional signs made with contact number and sponsor names and installed with stations. Moundsville Recreational Department is to maintain the stations. Had a picture and a small article about dog waste published in the Wheeling News Register Journal.

Installed additional Stormwater infrastructure to control street flooding and other problems created by storm runoff. Loading Zone Stormwater project ( 135 feet of 8” pipe and 2 catch basins), Garfield Ave. Stormwater project (98 feet of 8’ and 12” pipe and 2 catch basins), Sugar Street Storm Sewer project (44 feet of 6”pipe, 2 catch basins and creek bank erosion control). Did other minor installation of infrastructure where needed.

As mentioned in a previous section there are three (3) major separation projects planned to start after June 21, 20011 which will correct cross connections in two (2) commercial areas and one residential area.

Conducted testing for Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphorus of the selected representative outlet for the MS4. Results:  Nitrogen, Total 1.46 mg/l and Phosphorus Total 0.1000. Will continue to monitor outlet per permit (2/yr.)

Projects planned for the next year are: (1). Start monitoring impaired streams in the coverage area, sample for impaired parameters and continue to sample outfalls to determine if any runoff from the city is responsible for impairment. (2). Do approximately 475 feet of creek bank at the Evan G. Roberts recreational Complex for erosion control (ordered material for project), (3).Assist Project Wet in presenting a teacher workshop. (4). Continue to improve Stormwater infrastructure.

The Stormwater utility will evaluate all BMPs for this section and will continue, revise or develop new BMP to address this Minimum Control. All work conducted and changes will be recorded and kept on file.

Finances: The Stormwater Utility Board has recently passed the 2013-2014 annual operating budget. The total budget for the upcoming year is $292,000.00 and includes administration cost, personnel, professional services, material and other items needed to carry out the program. This money will be used exclusively for the Stormwater program.

Personnel: The Utility Board has recently hired a new employee and will rearrange present staff to have a Stormwater Utility crew to conduct the work needed. At times if there is a need to have additional employees there are available staff to assist. We are considering hiring a part time or temporary person for the Stormwater/Sanitary Collection System Crew.

Equipment: The program was switched from the Public Works Department to the Wastewater Plant due to the equipment available from the Sanitary Board. The Sanitary Board has a new Sewer Cleaning truck, a recently purchased mini excavator, back hoe, tractor and pushed camera, dump trucks, smoke machine, saws, safety equipment and other misc. tools that are needed to work on a collection system. A price list has been developed to charge a reasonable fee for the use of the equipment. The Stormwater Department recently purchased an equipment trailer, portable generator, concrete saw, a concrete vibrator and other hand tools to work on the Stormwater infrastructure. All equipment is maintained as needed. This was decided to be a better alternative than buying separate equipment for each department. The money that is saved can be used to make the necessary changes to the program and improvements to the Stormwater collection system.

Storm Water Management Program: The site registration Application for Moundsville’s storm water management program has been approved.

 We are still working on the implementation of the program and it appears it will be an ever evolving process. We will continue to improve our program and seek assistance from the State Agencies involved as well as other MS4 Communities.

Please accept this as the City of Moundsville Stormwater Utility Annual report for 2012-2013.  

Thank you,

Larry R. Bonar


Moundsville Stormwater Utility Board