PLEASE CALL 304-845-4360, IF YOU NOTICE:

   1). Problems with a catch basins, curb box, located along the streets and alleys, that are in need of repair.

   2). Illegal Dumping. Someone that is dumping any substance down a catch basin or

         curb drain along the streets, ditch or stream. Remember “Only rain down the drain”

   3). An illicit discharge. Water leaving a Stormwater outlet pipe during dry weather.

         This may indicate that a building is connected to an incorrect pipe.

   4). Street flooding.

   5). General questions on Stormwater or the City of Moundsville Stormwater Program.

   “Never dump anything or dispose of grass clippings down a storm drain or drainage ditch. Storm drains and        ditches leads to our local streams and the Ohio River.”                               



Moundsville Sanitary/Stormwater Utility Board