On February 14, 2014 the Moundsville Sanitary Board was was informed of a developing sink hole on Jefferson Ave / WV Rt. 250, approx. 150 ft. north of First St. After an investigation, it was determined that a very old brick manhole had partially collapsed and the swirling water flow through the manhole had created a void with a diameter of 6 ft. and a depth of 12 ft. next to the manhole. The street was immediately closed and detours were designated. Repair work began on Sat. the 15 to replace the manhole and re-route the sanitary flow approx. 230 ft. to an adjacent manhole. Before digging, the sanitary flow had to be diverted away from the deteriorated manhole, which was done by sealing the outlet line in the manhole at First St. and Jefferson Ave., and the flow was pumped to another manhole on Brown St. The installation of a new manhole and sanitary line were started. Though the near 0o temperatures along with snowfall and freezing rains severely hampered progress, the work should be completed and the road re-opened Monday Feb. 24

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